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Change has come. Technology has brought us ease and comfort in our everyday lives. It even made drastic changes in the corporate world. Sending emails nowadays is a great way to deliver a message to clients. On top of that, specific features of emails provide the excellent advantages of email automation in the digital market, just like email automation. 

What is email automation?

Email automation is a method used to deliver automatic emails to the right individuals with the right message at the right moment. This introduces convenience because you don’t have to be doing the work each time. This uses a marketing automation platform in order to deliver emails.

Why do you need email automation?

You can use email automation to:

  1. Make your customer’s experiences more personalized. The research presents how people are fond of personalization. Businesses that provide personalized recommendations and offers are more likely to be patronized. Target your customer’s interests 
  2. Make the most of your marketing team. Aside from reaching out to customers, email automation can also be utilized to improve employee productivity. Manually generating email lists and scheduling messages takes up less time when using automated emails.
  3. Improve your customer retention rate. Staying in touch and bringing back existing customers is significantly easier and less expensive all the while providing higher chances of sales instead of converting a new one. 
  4. It makes your marketing strategy scalable. You can scale your email marketing operations by sending out automated emails. Then you wouldn’t have to worry if someone from your staff is available to send a message every time someone signs up for your mailing list. It saves you the hassle so you can focus on other things.

How does it work?

Email automation reacts to triggers. You can choose triggers and triggered messages based on your customer’s activities. A trigger can be a specific date, event, or activity performed by your customer. Here are a few examples:

  • New subscriber. A “subscribe now” button would definitely trigger your customer to press it. It’s only right to send the new subscriber a welcome email. The little effort of extending a warm welcome to potential clients might help convert them into customers.
  • New products or promotions. Email automation helps you announce your products to specific customers based only on their interests.

At present, a lot of companies are taking the advantages of email automation. It helps grow their relationships with their customers. Automated emails work wonders! It is incredibly magical for lead nurturing, and ultimately, in driving sales from both new and existing customers.