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The Things you need to know about Lead Generation:

Everybody knows that Phone calls convert into paying customers higher than any other type of lead, yet historically modes like phone calls and text messages were never tracked back to the source that they were generated from. At Ideasoft we’re bridging the gap by allowing Dealerships to track Phone calls and text messages the same way you would any other element of your marketing campaign. We provide a robust communication platform that not only saves you time and money, but turns your sales team into Champions!Lead generation is a vast subject with numerous calculations, methods and procedures.

What exactly is a lead?

Anybody with an interest in your product or service is what we could classify as a lead. It means that at the very least, they have noticed your product or the services that you are offering and they’re happy to listen to what you’ve got to say if you email them. But how do you uncover and find these people? that’s where lead generation coms in.

What is Lead generation?

Lead generations is the process by which people are turned to prospective customers for your brand. Currently there 2 different types of lead generation.

Inbound vs Outbound

Lead Generation

Inbound Lead Generation

The newest type is the incoming lead generation, which depends on people who find you and plan to contact you. One example is someone who is looking for a car, visits your blog and picks a model, and then opts for a list of emails for future offers and promotions.  

Outbound Lead Generation

Outbound lead generation is the other, This is where your customers are still unfamiliar with you and your product but you reached out to them either through emails or phone calls to create a demand or hunger via soft selling for your product or services. The classic example is a phone caller or an email from a business that you have not signed up to get.  

Lead generation seeks to provide people an opportunity to learn more about themselves and your industry and to give them a chance to learn better about you and your approach.

Our Lead Generation Services


Google ads platform if used effectively is one of the most powerful mediums to generate tons of leads. Our goal is to keep your Cost per click low and that requires attention to detail, through our time tested experience with Display ads, retargeting ads and Search engine ads, we can help you keep your costs low and generate more leads.


Facebook has become one of the go to platforms to acquire leads, but it’s not an easy platform to generate quality leads with. We have been through the pain of trying to filter through countless submissions looking for the legit customers. But…through the struggles we have learned what not to do and build efficient campaigns that get results.


Are you getting tired of all these lead generation companies promising that they hold the holy grail of leads, only to find out 10 other dealers have been sold the same lead? At Ideasoft we’ve helped dealers launch 100’s of websites and landing pages for numerous campaigns that have generated 1000’s of leads and car sales.