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The Things you need to know about SMS Blast:

SMS Blast is a bulk SMS text message that is delivered to a wide number of cell phone numbers simultaneously by an automatic text messaging scheme. Using SMS blast is an easy and cost-effective way to connect in real time with a wide number of cell phone users. Your brand, corporation, or other organization will send text messages to hundreds or even thousands of your SMS subscribers at the same time to inform them of maybe a product launch, or things like downtime for your goods or services. It is a wonderful and inexpensive broadcasting platform that produces visible results.

Why Invest in SMS Blast

How are SMS Blasts so effective? Well, aside from the fact that almost 98% of the population in the US alone has a cellphone, people are more likely to check their mobile phones rather than their computers or laptops. According to a study 97% of sms messages that are being opened, and around 90% of them are read within 3 minutes of receiving them, compare that to around 29% open rates for emails.

SMS marketing uses a contact channel that most people know. You don’t need to be a techy person, and people of all ages usually have a cell phone, but not a computer. Adding the fact that people tend to reach out for their phone when they hear a text notification ringtone, this means that through text marketing you don’t need to invest in attention grabbing graphics or headlines for your text blasts to be read.

Text message blasts will also most likely engage your customer to other parts of your businesses that utilizes this media, like your product surveys. SMS is a perfect way to provide the consumers with reviews by surveys. Research reveals that 31% of customers respond to an SMS survey on average and that users have an average response time of just over 5 minutes. This means that in a short amount of time you will have a keen insight of what your customers are thinking about your company


Open Rates


Response Rate

90 sec

Average Response Time



Using our proprietary SMS blast software, we will help you create a text marketing campaign that will surely get your target audience excited and hungry for your product.

Our 3,00 sms broadcast will give you the ability to compose a 256 character( around 2 text messages) text message and distribute it to around 3000 mobile contacts.

Going the extra mile, we will also help you filter out subjects that are not interested in the current campaign that you are promoting, and give you the “hot leads” giving a more time-centric approach for your business.

We will also handle contacts that will unsubscribe, numbers that are invalid, and then provide you with a fully detailed report at the end of the campaign.


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