Call Tracking

Digital strategies are a game-changer! It’s pretty much known that the advent of technology allowed different kinds of software to emerge to aid people by providing convenience and significant advantages. In the business industry, this one software is known for its contribution to the increase in sales of most businesses who use it. Yes, it’s call tracking.

What is call tracking?

Call tracking software reveals which marketing channels are responsible for inbound phone calls. It integrates unique and valuable data points to your existing analytics tools while boosting the attribution for incoming calls and conversions from digital advertising. It can even give you insight into the substance and tone of your consumer chats.

Call tracking as a digital strategy.

DNI, or dynamic number insertion, is used in call tracking to follow any online activity such as ads, emails, social media posts, and keywords. It’s called “tracking” because it follows the calls from offline marketing pieces: ads, mailers, brochures, billboards, and more. Furthermore, it gives for a better understanding of per-channel and per-campaign force, which is extremely useful for a business owner.

Some businesses rely on inbound calls to generate sales for their business, while others try to ramp up customer engagement. Either way, these approaches wouldn’t be possible if there is no access to data. This is where call tracking comes in handy. It fills the gaps, allowing you to utilize phone calls in your digital strategy.

How call tracking helps businesses grow?

Sales increase and decrease for several reasons. Like any other industry, it’s way better to have a strategy that would make up for these unexpected swings in sales. Here are 7 ways how call tracking helps grow a business:

  1. Route calls intelligently. This means carefully planning the route calls to avoid mistakes. Unhappy and unsatisfied clients are the last thing we want to have. Call tracking allows routing calls based on caller segmentation so that they will be sent to the best available person.
  2. Measure call length, conversion rates, and other crucial business stats using reports. Numbers are not always that bad! In fact, it’s good to keep track of them from time to time. Statistics will be your best friend because it helps you determine the value of your customers.
  3. Gain critical knowledge of the caller’s current context. Data is knowledge and it is key to both sales and customer relationship management. Companies can use call tracking to get the information they need to serve their consumers more promptly and efficiently.
  4. Personalize customer support. Personalization is one key to gain a client’s heart. It makes personalizing even easier by routing calls based on factors such as ad campaigns, previous engagements, capturing customer intent or feedback, then seamlessly forwarding this information to a call agent before connecting.
  5. Create dynamic phone numbers to track concurrent leads. DPN or dynamic phone numbers are unique numbers displayed for each customer who visits your brand. DPNs allows businesses to track numerous users at the same time while only displaying a single phone number per page, allowing them to link each consumer to their lead source while preserving unique personalization across all of their pages.
  6. Optimize social media ads, marketing, and call agent efficiency. According to Google, over half of the individuals who use a mobile device to search for a company will continue searching if they don’t see a phone number in an ad. In an independent survey, Google discovered that 70% of customers utilize “click to call” in ad campaigns to contact businesses.
  7. Automatically resolve customer service issues and reduce call times. With call tracking, you may rapidly route calls to the appropriate department based on previously defined criteria. You can direct repeat clients to agents with whom they’ve previously interacted, or you can link their calls to the information you already have about them from your online interactions with them.

Call tracking enhances customer experience in businesses resulting in increased customer satisfaction. A little strategy or effort taken to connect with customers will keep your business running.