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What is an email blast?

Email blast is a strategy used to basically send a single message to a large list of emails without dividing the list in any way. This is done to accommodate many people at the same time. Oftentimes, it is used by companies to communicate and disseminate announcements or information of the like to their target recipients.

It’s a way to spread the word out to as many people as possible without taking too much effort on your end. However, the list of receivers is not targeted in a strategic manner, hence the word used is “blast”.

Convenience comes with technology. This digital age really offers convenience to every one of us. Everything is at the tip of our fingers—including sending emails. While sending emails already provides ease, the ultimate game of accessibility is taken up a notch with email blasts.

How does it work?

From the word itself, email blasts utilize the email platform to advertise or promote a product to their audience.

Email blasts are an effective way to bring a message to a recipient upfront, increasing the chance that they will see the email blast. 

Is it effective?

Of course, it is effective. Email blast is under the big umbrella of email marketing and it is a common fact that email marketing is still one of the leading marketing channels out there. This is because sending emails is seen as a move to communicate with an audience in a much more personal way.

Here are some ways to increase the effectiveness of your email blasts!

  1. Put your brand front and center. People receive a lot of emails in a day from different kinds of companies, offering various services and products. It should be noted that your brand is clear and seen in the email, much to the point where it resonates in the mind of the recipient even after reading it.
  2. Know the result you want. Oftentimes, we tend to get lost in the process of creating the message that we forget the real purpose of it. Knowing the result you want to achieve makes it easier to construct a direct but appealing message. That is why it is best to know what kinds of results you want to get from your recipients.
  3. Use hyperlinks. Hyperlinks are a great way to increase engagement. Aside from the fact that hyperlinks are easy to click, it also provides aid to email blast software to track how many clicked the link. Use links to direct and lead your recipients to whatever you want them to do—like reading your latest blog post, or signing up.
  4. Keep it short. The shorter the message, the better response and engagement or action there is. Readers don’t have the luxury to sit down and read a 5-paragraph message. Just directly get to the point so that it won’t be necessary for the recipients to scroll.
  5. Use images. Pictures help paint a thousand words. But too many pictures and bigger file sizes take time to load. You wouldn’t want your readers to wait and get annoyed that they’re just wasting their mobile data.
  6. Provide offers. There is nothing more exciting than receiving special discounted offers in our inbox. Doing this would definitely lead to a successful business campaign.

These are just a few of the ways in which email blasts might help in your business growth. There are still many other benefits that you can utilize to build a stronger and bigger audience for your business.