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In Digital Marketing, there are various marketing strategies that you can leverage to market your products and services such as Email Marketing. If you do, you may have already encountered the term “Email Blast”. 

What is Email Blast? 

Email Blast is an Email Marketing strategy of sending a mass or a large number of emails to a large number of recipients simultaneously. It is not only about bombarding people by sending bulk emails of promotions and good deals, but it is more about conversing and building relationships with your lead more efficiently. 

Where can I do Email Blast?

There are various platforms that offer services for Email Marketing such as:

  1. Mailchimp. Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform and email marketing service that helps you manage and converse with your clients, customers, potential customers, and other interested parties. This is one of the highly-known platforms to conduct mass email sending. 
  2. Constant Contact. Constant Contact has their Email Marketing Software that’s best for launching and monitoring Email Marketing efforts. In addition, they do not only focus on Email Marketing, but they also as features for building websites and online stores and other features for online marketing. 
  3. Hubspot. Hubspot company also develops Email marketing software that is best for launching Email Marketing Campaigns. Their personalization features are tailored to the emails sent to your email list. 
  4. Sendinblue. Sendinblue is also one of the known platforms and Email Marketing service providers because of its cost-efficient solutions for launching Email Marketing campaigns.
  5. AWeber. AWeber is an Email Marketing service provider that will help you grow your business through Email Marketing with its versatile features best for launching Email Marketing campaigns. 

How to do Email Blast?

  1. Choose the best Email Marketing platform. Choose the best-fit Email Marketing service provider for the needs of your Email Marketing Campaigns. 
  2. Prepare your Email List. Prepare a list of emails of your leads. You can get this from your lead generation campaigns or activities. 
  3. Segregate your Email List. In order to launch a more targeted Email Marketing campaign, you may have to section or segregate the emails you will be sending. 
  4. Create an Email Campaign. Of course, there will be nothing to Email Blast without content, right? This is the meat that you will be serving your customers and potential customers. It is very crucial to make an appealing and enticing one.
  5. Monitor for results. There is a lot of Email Marketing service provider that has a monitoring and analytical features that will help you track the progress or state of your Email Marketing campaign.

Is Email Blast effective?

In the digital age, people tend to check their “emails” rather than their “post boxes”, adding the fact that most consumers right now are on their phones, tablet, and computer. There is a big chance that they will see email blasts first compared to traditional flyers and sign advertisements. Just remember, email lasts are still an effective digital marketing technique as long as you follow its best practices.

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